The Much-Loved Fifth Taste – Umami

Remember learning in elementary science class something you already knew – that our taste buds sense different flavors? We were taught that there were four: sweet, salty, sour, and bitter. Now one of the buzziest new buzz words in culinary circles is all about the fifth basic taste, umami. Umami refers to a hearty depth of flavor, or a “pleasant savory taste” as its approximate Japanese translation implies.

Umami was “discovered” and named in 1908 by Japanese chemistry professor Kikunae Ikeda as he was pondering the essential character that made his soup so delicious. He concluded that it was the high levels of glutamate, a protein-building amino acid, in the soup’s kelp stock that gave it that desirable, savory flavor. (Of course he would know this, he was a chemistry professor.)

We all love this flavor; it is probably the most satisfying of all, the flavor that gratifies when you’re REALLY hungry. So it is no surprise to find out that pork is an umami powerhouse. The mystery of why we love that delicious pork roast and add bacon to everything has been solved! Indulge your umami longings with California Kurobuta Pastured Pork! We have some great new recipes shared by our customers that we hope you will enjoy.