Sourdough Pancakes, Eggs, and GOOD Bacon

From our Facebook page:
Not knowing where I can best express our delight with your pork products I will do so here. Yesterday I prepared sourdough pancakes,eggs and your bacon for breakfast! Not mentioning to my husband anything special about the bacon as I wanted to see if he would notice anything different from the ordinary grocery store versions I usually use. It did not take long to get my answer! As the big "Bacon Snitcher" he is, he snagged a small slice, looked at me and said: "Wow, that is really GOOD! " We both found it exceptional, with it's "clean" taste and sweet pork flavor! Noticing the orange marbling in the uncooked slices, as well as the apricot color in the rendered fat. There is NO artificial taste and there is nothing ordinary about this bacon! The thickness of the slices were perfect for us and we luckily have a few strips of crispy bacon left for LBT's for lunch today! We are delighted to say the least!