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What do I get?

Each pig is different. Typical weights:

  • Whole pigs: 170-300 pounds hanging weight (yields about 125-185 pounds packaged)
  • Half pigs: 85-150 pounds hanging weight (yields about 65-95 pounds packaged)

What does it cost?

  • Whole pig: $9.50/pound, typically 125-185 pounds
  • Half pig: $10.50/pound, typically 65-95 pounds
  • Sale price: $6.50/pound hanging weight

Savings: If you were to buy all these cuts individually, it would cost $12+/pound, so you save 20% 45%, an average of $380+ $850 for a whole pig! Additional processing fees will apply at the meat cutter of your choice.

Where do I keep it?

About 35 pounds of pork will fit in 1 cubic foot. A typical household freezer holds 5 cubic feet, so about 175 pounds, or all but the largest pigs. Of course, you’ll want to use your freezer for more than just pork. Small chest freezers make it possible to save a lot of money over time. Home Depot sells a 5.2 cubic foot freezer for $170.

How do I get it?

Fill out the form below and Jack will get back to you right away about scheduling, payment, and pick up/delivery.


  • Whole pig: $700
  • Half pig: $400

The balance is due on delivery/pickup of whole or half pig. We bill through Square and we accept all major credit cards and cash.

Scheduling and Delivery

  • We take the pigs in for processing about twice a month. Your pig will go in with the next batch, so up to 4 weeks to start processing.
  • We get the whole/half pig back 2-3 days later. Pickup date and time to be arranged by Jack.
    1. You can pick up the pig from us, no charge. If you can’t make the scheduled time, we’ll have to store it in the deep freeze for a fee. Gotta keep those piggies cold!
    2. We can store the pig in our deep freeze for a fee.
    3. We can store the pig in our deep freeze for a fee and deliver it to a meat cutter of your choice for an additional fee.
  • You must arrange all transportation and processing with your meat cutter yourself in advance.

Meat Cutters

Please note: We have not used these meat cutters ourselves, as we can only sell USDA certified cuts, however we have heard good things about them. Feel free to Google your own processors.

You must contact a meat cutter yourself in advance. We are not responsible for how your whole or half pig is transported, stored, or processed. You are responsible for paying your meat cutter separately.

If you want to cook an entire pig, please see our Whole Roasters page. Whole roasters can come in smaller sizes and are processed differently.

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  • 1. Submit your order form and a copy will be emailed to the email address you provided.
    2. Jack will contact you to confirm the details of your order.
    3. Pay California Kurobuta a deposit of $700 for a whole pig, $400 for a half.

    Your order will only be filled after you have paid your deposit AND received confirmation from Jack.