What is California Kurobuta’s Meat Club?

We provide wholesome meat for people who care about what they eat and how animals are treated. As a Meat Club patron, you get a great price on pasture raised pork because you buy it directly from us; no middle man, no store-front, no frills. Save time and money, eat top quality meat from a local family farm. Each cut of meat is USDA processed, individually wrapped, labeled, vacuum sealed, and frozen.

How it works:

1. Check our website for Meat Club events.

2. Show up at one of our events and choose your meat. We have a packing list so you can see what’s available. Some cuts sell out, so it’s first come, first choice. We weigh it out and you can pay by cash or credit card.

3. Keep coming! Pick up a discount card. For every four Meat Club events you attend, you get a discount. It pays to buy from the California Kurobuta Meat Club, no membership necessary.

We encourage you to bring your own reusable insulated bag, box, or ice chest to take your meat home. We will soon have reusable insulated shopping bags available for purchase. And remember, the first rule of Meat Club is: tell everybody about Meat Club!

Note: Your credit card statement will show charges made to SQ *SOILS TO GROW in HOLLISTER, CA 95023. Soils To Grow is our trucking company. We use our Soils To Grow truck to haul food for the pigs.