Meat Club Grand Opening

This last weekend marked the Meat Club Grand Opening in conjunction with First City CrossFit’s Grand Re-opening at their new place. The Pig Wizard barbequed a 110 pound roaster and Big Sur chef Matt Millea served it up…

Meatopia 2015

An informal evening on the beach where nationally renowned chefs play with fire as they grill, roast, broil, steam and barbeque all things MEAT. Cocktails, Brews and Wine keep the night going as we celebrate the Carnivore inside us.

Bacon Bus Road Trip

Bacon Bus Road Trip

Our pickup truck turned 30 this year and is showing it’s age, so we started looking for a suitable truck to replace it, one where we could add small freezers and solar panels. We decided on a bus. We found the perfect bus in Kentucky. School buses tend to be well maintained and affordable: a good investment. Additionally, this bus has a handicap lift to move the freezers and had maintenance checks every 20 days throughout it’s previous career. What better way time to spend time with your kids than to go across country in a bus?...

The Much-Loved Fifth Taste – Umami

We were taught that there were four flavors: sweet, salty, sour, and bitter. Now one of the buzziest new buzz words in culinary circles is all about the fifth basic taste, umami.