CorbinHollister Independence Rally at Corbin

Fri – Sun
July 1-3
Corbin parking lot
2360 Technology Pkwy, Hollister

Try our popular sausages on a stick (or in a bun) + condiments. We’re also roasting a whole pig for pulled pork sandwiches and serving up Farm House Culture’s live organic kraut.


Note: this Independence Day event is July 1st to 3rd, not on the actual 4th of July.


Sausage Sale

The Mushroom Mardi Gras was a great event, but… we ordered way too many mushroom brats! Our overabundance is your gain.

Mushroom Brats, 1 pound packs:
Buy 2 packs – $5 off your total (17% savings)
Buy 4 packs – $15 off your total (26% savings)


Stock up for July 4th

Our grilling recommendations:

– Large roasts

– Sausages (Mushroom brats are on sale!)

– Ground pork for burgers

– Pork shoulder steak – cook like a beef steak, great flavor!

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I have so enjoyed the discovery of California Kurobuta pork. Raised humanely…yields meat of unsurpassed texture, flavor and aroma. It is possible to cook it thoroughly and still enjoy a moist, well-textured and tasty dish. Try it once and you will never settle for less.
Nants Foley

Small Farm Owner, Amateur Gourmet Chef, Founder of Slow Food San Benito Bounty

Having the pleasure of working with California Kurobuta Pork, nothing else compares. The fat content, the firmness of the meat—you can tell these were very happy pigs. It’s the difference between owning an original Picasso or a knock-off bought at the flea market.
Greg Karjala

Sous Chef , Carmel Valley Ranch

Thy food shall be thy remedy.


—attributed to Hippocrates, ca. 400 B.C.

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